King Ceasor University Library

Library rules and regulations

Maximum silence shall be observed inside the facility at all times
2. Bags, briefcases, containers, overcoats shall not be allowed in.
3. Use of communication devices (such as cell phones, laptops, etc.) in a way that disrupts the concentration of the rest of the users is prohibited
4. Smoking and or consumption of food and drinks is forbidden
5. Behaviors which adversely impact on other individuals’ use or access to the facility and resources (such as reservation of seats, etc.) are not allowed.
6. All users must always present their belongings (such as books, papers, folders/box files, etc.) to the staff on duty when leaving the room. These will be thoroughly checked to clear any doubts.
7. Damaging items, facilities, equipment, furniture or identification marks calls for a penalty.
8. Staff on duty shall not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users in the facility.
9. All facility furniture such as chairs should be placed in their respective position after use
10. No re-arranging of computers, its peripherals and cabling, internet facility is only for educational/ study purpose.
11. The attendant shall reserve the right to withdraw or refuse facility services to any user who disregards the above-listed rules and regulations.